Full NBA Team

Full NBA Team

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(Only availble in current year for Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Knicks, and Sixers,)


- Includes all the decals you need for the helmet, shoulders, pants, jersey numbers and the small shoulder numbers   
- Includes both the home and away jerseys and matching shoes, laces, and gloves

- Front Jersey Logos are already in place!
- Includes current current roster names or the year you choose. Names are designed in the arc like the real jersey.
- For custom roster selection, email names to vincestone54@gmail.com. Please send them like this  ( SMITH  ROGERS  JONES ) without any commas, periods, or returns.

- Includes enough decals to detail about 60-70 figures


    If you have a problem with any of Vinnys Decals, send a email to vincestone54@gmail.com. If I am unable to fix it, I will refund your purchase.


    Decals are shipped USPS first class mail. Small orders (less than $50) don't have any tracking numbers.