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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never tried decals for Electric Football?

You are missing out on a the satisfaction of bringing your figures to life. The realistic logos and striping just are not possible with hand painting. Decals make it so much easier.

What if I am not satisfied with Vinny's Decals?

Contact me directly about any problems. I will do my best to correct it quickly. If I can't fix it, I gladly refund your purchase.

How are the decals applied?

The decals I sell are waterslide decals. They are the same thing used in model cars or trains.

Cut out the decals you want to use.

Put the decal on a damp sponge.

Put water on the figure.

With good tweezers, slide off the decal off the blue paper and put it in place.

Use the water to position it exactly.

After that, bond it in place by using a solvent like Walthers Solvaset.

How long does it take to make a custom job? And what is it you need from me to create it?

I need pictures of the entire uniform.
And, I need a week to build it.

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